Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hammam Experience

The baths or 'hamams' as they are named, are for many aspects of health, not just for external cleanliness. Before Turkey was established as a separate country, the Romans, Byzantines, and nomadic peoples of the region had their own variations of bathing rituals. These traditions combined, creating a different variation of these ancient bathing habits, The Turkish Bath.The bather enters the dry heat of a sweating area. Afterwards, the bather begins to perspire heavily because of a wet steam.The skin is then washed with soap and warm water and the muscles massaged. After being scoured and washed, the bather's body temperature returns to normal from swimming in cold water. Closely interweaved with everyday life, as well as the Muslim mandates for cleanliness and respect for the varied functions of water, the hamam will probably survive modernity with many other things in Western Asia.

Join me on a visit to one of the Istanbul's more authentic and reasonably-priced Turkish hamams. After the hamam, we will eat local food, have tea, and tour around Balat district.
Food and drinks are included to the prices.If there is different genders in the group mens join the tour womens tour with my wife.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Istanbul Street Food Tour

Since my childhood I love to ride and and sample foods from various stalls in the streets of Istanbul. 3 years ago I founded a food and urban life blog of Istanbul, and now I would like to share my discoveries with you!
Here is the link:

Beyoğlu-Eminonu street food line:
We'll travel from Beyoğlu to Karaköy, then Hodjapasha to heart of Eminonu, exploring only the most authentic foods not made for tourists. In between bites, we'll stop at some of my best kept secret shops for clothing,kitchen equipments, spice markets and other authentic wares while we work up our appetites. Recommendations on restaurants, markets, and history will be provided. There will be bits of history and culture. Also along the way we will also be checking out some of the beautiful murals and street art that is often over looked!