Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mikko Presents: Tunis

The first stop at Tunis after the flight from Finland is La Baristas at Rue du Lac Windemere: 
Excellent café, friendly service, many similarities to international café trends. The cafe has a quite large menu including wide range of coffees, smoothies and pastry. I did especially like their pina colada and lemon cake accompanied with cassis smoothie.

Kairouan was indeed a city of cyclists. Many sidestreets like this were quite calm, the town itself founded on a rather flat land. Medina in the background. Very pleasant city to visit which has lots sights of both ancient and close history. The Hotel Sabra where I stayed is just round this corner to the left, next to the Medina.

The Mosque of Uqba is in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Kairouan. Built from the year 670, the same year the town itself was founded. View to the hipostyle prayer hall at the vast marblepaved courtyard. Role of this mosque as a centre for science can be considered to that of the University of Paris in the middle ages.

Horse carriage by the Martyr's square in early morning - the wall of the Medina is being reflected to the taxicab next to it. Horse carriages were banned from cities of Tunis during the time of Ben Ali in an effort to "modernize" the country.

In this barbershop in the Medina they had these antique chairs, possibly of Italian origin, but also a hamam which coexisted with the hair cutting business just few steps away from this seat. Service was good, I did have a shave too which was nearly part of the deal with the haircut.

At the medina of Tunis

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